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Konoha Zoo

Title: Konoha Zoo
Word Count: 3,400
Rating: T

I don't get this mission.Collapse )

Happy New Year

Title: The First of Everything
Words: 336
Rating: K

Blazing. Bright. Eternal.Collapse )


Burn Out

Title: Burn Out
Word Count: Roughly 1,600

Description: Sakura reaches burnout. Also, Kakashi is there. In this particular story he does not have burnout problems. Unless you think he should take responsibility for Sakura's problems. In which case then yes, he also has burnout problems. So then they both have burnout problems, and so the title I thought of just now applies to both. But seriously guys, the tone of this story is pretty serious and mellow, so I don't know why the description is so ridiculous. And we have to ask ourselves if the title is really that important to the story. Okay guys, hush now. It's serious time.

Take a Deep BreathCollapse )

AU Challenge [Bluerising]

Title: Hellfire
Author: Clearheart
Theme: Angels/Demons
Rating: T
Summary: Haruno Sakura has the perfect life: straight A’s, a good job, and a stellar boyfriend. That is… until her guardian angel goes AWOL and gets booted out of heaven. Suddenly things aren’t so perfect anymore, and Sakura is not happy with the results. She must get her fallen angel to repent at all costs.

Current Word Count: 5,896

INCOMPLETE. Not in the voting, and just playing for fun. :3

Story Under CutCollapse )Story Under CutCollapse )

Good Morning

Five days until the contest is due.

In other news, found some new KakaSaku fanart this morning. I've never seen them around before, so I thought I'd share:

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The Prize!!

Something special arrived in the mail today. After traveling from what I estimate is roughly 4,300 miles (6,900 Kilometers), crossing over the ocean, soaring through the air, and switching through the hands of countless post office and delivery workers the package is finally in my hands. That's right fandom friends. The Second Place prize art for the Blindfolded Contest, done by the phenomenal saphri, has arrived!

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Naruto 540

HOLY SHIT. Sakura is so cool. <3

Swallowed in the Sea - Coldplay

You belong with me
Not swallowed in the sea
Yeah, you belong with me
Not swallowed in the sea


War Hero

Title: War Hero
Author: Clearheart
Words: 4,500
Rating: T
Description: For lulu_42 , in response to her story Lost. Which is a very rare and amazing KakaSaku WWII AU.

I promised her a long, long, long time ago that I would write a WWII AU story in response that also involved solider!Kakashi and nurse!Sakura. With gas-masks thrown in. I'm sorry it took so long, but here it is! It's definitely warped and evolved over the year, but now has little fandom treats thrown in. Please enjoy.

Edit: Please forgive any misspellings and grammatical errors. They will be fixed in time.

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